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Canada Revenue Agency HST Webcasts - The New Horror Flicks

The Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) is developing and posting webcasts to help businesses prepare for harmonized sales tax (HST).  The three that are available can be found at this link -

There are three webcasts as of the date of this blog post:

1) Introduction to Harmonized Sales Tax;

2) Transitional Rules for Goods; and

3) Transitional Rules for Services.

I have been told that a webcast concerning the completion of the new electronic GST/HST returns will be posted on the CRA site very soon.

Pop some popcorn and enjoy (as best you can).

I applaud the CRA for making the effort to help businesses.  I still think that businesses will see the webcasts as a form of horror flick and businesses will be left sweating with hearts pounding after watching.


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