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Woncity Bags an Antidumping Indictment

Anyone who deals regularly with U.S. Customs and Border Protection knows that collection of antidumping duty is a high priority for the agency. Now comes word of the arrest of Jin Qing Huang, who owns Baltimore-based Woncity Inc. The indictment supporting the arrest accuses Mr. Huang and the company of a total of ten (10) counts of conspiracy, smuggling, making false statements, and false classification of goods. The indictment asserts that Mr. Huang and Woncity failed to pay the antidumping duties on plastic grocery and shopping bags from China. Additional allegations claim undervaluation, understated quantity, and misclassification, leading to having failed to pay $1.15 million in antidumping duties.

Mr. Huang faces a maximum sentence of 77 years in prison. The amount sought by way of forfeiture is the $1.15 million underpaid, with additional fines against him and Woncity of $250,000 for each of the ten (10) counts filed against each defendant.

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