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Transparency International Canada Releases Anti-Corruption Checklist

On January 31, 2011, Transparency International Canada released its Anti-Corruption Checklist (First Edition) -

This is an important document for Canadian companies doing business abroad.  As I stated in My Predictions for 2011, this will be a year when corporate responsibility will increase in importance.  Canadian companies will be held accountable for their actions in foreign jurisdictions. See -

The Anti-Corrpution Checklist (First Edition) is a useful tool that I recommend every Canadian business operating abroad to read.  On page 6 of the Anti-Corruption Checklist (First Edition) there is a very good checklist.  In addition, the document is full of useful links to other documents.  Print this document, read this document, take the free advice in this document & follow-up by reading the materials referred to in this document, analyze your business and implement a strategic plan that is consistent with this document.

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