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Egypt is a Member of the World Trade Organization

Egypt is a member of the World Trade Organization (WTO). The current issue will not change that fact. To the extent that the issues remain local, there should not be a WTO connection. That being said, to the extent that there is an international connection, WTO rules may come into play.

For example, if Egypt's schedule of concessions in the General Agreement on Trade in Services includes the liberalization of telecommunication services and the Internet, then the actions/measures to shut down the Internet may be contrary to WTO rules. While the telecommunications restrictions may not be long in duration, this would not prevent affected countries from starting consultations and, eventually, a dispute.

Egypt is an important trading nation in the Middle East. As a trading nation, international trade rules must be considered in these difficult time and should not be ignored. Internal difficulties are not an excuse --- if it was, countries would be able to ignore WTO rules based on the most minimal internal problem.

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